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01 April // Th‘Mole // Ancient Mith // James Reindeer // IVI

Th‘Mole (California//US)

Nomadic composer/vocalist/bozo Th’ Mole makes “whirled fusion” music which is scientifically designed to make you happier, stronger, and more beautiful. With a live set combining colorful costumes, ridiculous dancing, confetti cannons, and sometimes a gorilla, Th’ Mole will make you rejoice and dance your pants off.

Ancient Mith (Denver//US)

Hailing from Denver/Colorado this Dude is a quite something of a Live-Experience. Collaborating with numerous underground hiphop artists worldwide he’s coming up to share his newest release „Floor Scraps From A Rough Gentleman“ with us. Some might say he’s the bearded underground version of Vanilla Ice, some say otherwise….come to find out to see his charming and hilarious performance!

Ancient Mith 4 von teriakicrew

James Reindeer (UK)

walk around with a fake smile and do what the billboards tell me. i need to earn more loyalty points or i‘m getting voted off the planet. show me your pale and withered palms. press your red buttons now. rain hammering down from a black and grey sky looming heavy. helicopter gunship drowns out the sound of the gameshow wheel spinning. tortured wail of emergency vehicle sirens. walk along a line and tread slowly, path strewn with body parts and broken machinery. doomy attic solitude in a darkening skyline location. gameshow host in a cheap suit and a fake smile cuts to communes under rocket fire. we shield ourselves from the elements and compose vague hymns in remembrance. we‘re all hammering out the deal under a smoke grey sky with a cold stare and a suitcase full of money… and we can‘t walk out on trak, there’s just no place to go.