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26.10 // Divorce // Stig Noise // Monopeople // IvI // 21 Uhr

bringt die ohren stöpsel mit es wird kuschelig. mögen auch no-wave und noise und wissen, dass ihr das auch tut. deshalb:

___ Divorce.indd

DIVORCE (UK // Optimo records / Winning Sperm Party / Milk)

Divorce were born in Glasgow through a frustration that their kinda music wasn‘t getting heard in their city. Brought together through random encounters, solid friendships and drunken obsessive discussions at terrible parties, the four members who make up Divorce have no more of an exacting agenda than just MAKE NOISE and MAKE IT GOOD. The end result has been likened to a roughly grafted assemblage of no-wave punk bands like Teenage Jesus & The Jerks and DNA, the squalling noise of Big Black and Swans and the rhythmically violent sounds of bands like AIDS Wolf and Arab On Radar.

Since forming in the summer of 2008, Divorce have shared stages with the likes of HEALTH, Chrome Hoof, Part Chimp, Deerhoof and have toured the UK numerous times with bands like Child Abuse, Comanechi (who they‘ve also shared space on a split 10” with) and their Glasgow-based brothers-in-noise Ultimate Thrush (again also sharing space on a split cassette).

Divorce have previously had their music released through the Optimo, Merok, Milk and Winning Sperm Party labels and 2011 will see new 7” releases appearing on a slew of great DIY labels.
But fundamentally, Divorce are best experienced live, in a small sweaty room, with all the ear-splitting volume & uninhibited audience confrontation that goes with it.

DIVORCE – wet bandit from Anna McCarthy on Vimeo.

STIGNOISE (UK // PostMusic / Class A Audio)

Stig Noise (aka Stig, Stig Noise Sound System, Stig Of The Dump)has been an active creative musical outlet since around 1998. Managing to exist without plan other than to not to knowingly follow in the footsteps of majority, either musically or commercially, and to create something noisey, joyful and genuine.

Furthered through discovering original teachings in movements like D.i.y, No Wave Hip Hop and Jazz mixed with continued addiction to and exploration of all things curious, intense and instinctive.None of this would be possible without a handful of amazing human beings that help make it possible for us to exist, tour and make records.

musically Stig Noise is ongoing analysis on the idea of hooks and motervational sound. Our recordings are ways to explore audio engineering skills and ideas. sharing these recordings is based on a curiosity in the wildly evolving current methods of communication … we live in messed up times… but it is fucking wonderful and we are fortunate to do these things…

Pressing these recordings into tiny little consumable hand made packages and exchange them for money, it is with genuine pride in our work and inorder to purchase fuel, transport and maintain equipment whenever it is possible for us to go on tour.

Monopeople (Trier)

Monopeople sind zu zweit, aus Trier und machen Noise-Rock. Im Internet steht irgendwo, dass sie das was sie machen so beschreiben: „TROMMELMUSIK,TROPISCH,SURF, DNB,POST,DUB,FREE_NOISE,BREAKCORE“. Wo anders im Internet steht auch was mit Lightning Bolt. Scheint ne andere Band zu sein, die so ähnlich ist. Aber hier guck mal das Video:

Monopeople – FOXXES?! from monopeople on Vimeo.

19.10. // Spring Offensive // IvI // 21 Uhr verteilt süße indie-electro-pop zuckerwatte! yummie!!

Spring Offensive (UK)

Oxford 5-piece Spring Offensive are a relentlessly inventive guitar band complete with rich harmonies, pounding rhythms and dark lyrics. With a live show charged with energy, their influences include Death Cab for Cutie, The National and Wild Beasts. Having received support from BBC Introducing across Radio 1 and 6 Music, and recently headlining a show at O2 Academy Oxford, played at Truck and Underage Festival they are now set for tour in Europe in October.

Weirdo Heroes World Tour 2011 w/ Busdriver // Ceschi // Louis Logic // 18.10 // IvI, Ffm // 21 Uhr

zu den illustren herren muss man wohl nichts sagen. wir freuen uns schon unglaublich auf die show. kommt vorbei wird n knaller. doors: 21:00 Uhr start: 21:45 uhr !!! das ganze werdet ihr wohl nirgends billiger sehen als im IvI !!! außerdem wird PARANOID CASTLE (fake four) ein kurzes set am anfang spielen!

BUSDRIVER (LA // Project Blowed // Fake Four Inc.)

The son of the man who wrote the seminal Hip Hop film Krush Groove, Busdriver was quite literally born into Hip Hop in late 1970’s Los Angeles. He began rapping at the tender age of 9, and by 13 had participated in the completion of an early group album. Busdriver emerged on the indie Hip Hop scene with first official full length, Memoirs of the Elephant Man in 1999. He followed this release with the classic Temporary Forever (2002) which included a popular single featured on Tony Hawk’s „Underground“ video game, called „Imaginary Places“. Busdriver quickly amassed a collection of well respected albums first on Mush, Alphapup and later Epitaph Records with the titles Cosmic Cleavage (2004), Fear of a Black Tangent (2005), Roadkill Overcoat (2007) and Jhelli Beam (2009). He has shared track space with indie Hip Hop heavyweights Slug from Atmosphere, Aceyalone & Myka 9 (Freestyle Fellowship), Abstract Rude & DJ Z-Trip, as well as collaborating with giants of the Indie Rock and Electronic world Deerhoof, CocoRosie, Islands (formerly The Unicorns) & Daedelus. Busdriver has entertained his devoted following all over the world with a dazzling display of varied rap styles, singing & on the fly electronic manipulation of voice and sound. He has covered territory all over the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia & Australia and played such coveted stages as California’s Coachella festival. This Autumn, he will debut a single signifying the coming release of the first album for his new label Fake Four Inc.


Busdriver – Avantcore

CESCHI (New Haven // Fake Four Inc. // Equinox Records)

Ceschi (pronounced chess-key) Ramos has been in a LOT of bands including psych-rock-jazz-hip hop fusion outfit Anonymous Inc., the hardcore metal band Dead By Wednesday and his lo-fi synth pop group w/ producers Blue Sky Black Death called Deadpan Darling. They are all viable projects steeped in drastically different traditions, yet surprisingly, no single band or combination of these projects captures his versatility so well as the one man band himself, Ceschi. Drawing from the experience of these eclectic groups, as a solo artist, Ceschi has composed three album length exercises in tight wire genre mixing, including 2004’s promising debutFake Flowers, the beloved underground classic They Hate Francisco False (2006) and the most seamless of his high concept albums The One Man Band Broke Up(2010). His live show is a whirlwind performance of rapping, singing and guitar that comfortably navigates through hard hitting Hip Hop, playful Folk ditties and even Classical and Spanish music. Ceschi’s growing following has enabled him to travel worldwide on tours through the US, Canada, Europe and Asia. In 2008 he added record label owner/founder to his already diverse collection of hats when he and brother/collaborator David Ramos started Fake Four Inc. The label has seen a meteoric rise in popularity, now home to indie hip hop favorites Astronautilis, Awol One, Busdriver, Blue Sky Black Death & Sole.

Ceschi – Bad Jokes

LOUIS LOGIC (NY // Fake Four Inc.)

louis logic splashed onto the indie rap scene „Party Foul“ style in 1999 with the drinker’s anthem „Factotum“. He spawned a laundry list of collaborations with artists like Jedi Mind Tricks, MF DOOM and Malik B of the Roots. His 2003 debut Sin-A-Matic cemented himself in listeners‘ minds as a standard for dark romantic comedy and shock rap. Louis‘ taste for musical exploration grew with the release his most mature record to date, Misery Loves Comedy (2006), on which he officially partnered with longtime producer J.J. Brown. It was then that Louis executed his most mysterious and adventurous move yet retreating into monastic seclusion to study voice, piano and music theory. When he emerged, it was touting a new Danish based live Surf/Hip Hop/Balkan fusion band, Spork Kills, which he debuted with the Beaches Love US EP (2009) featuring the video that garnered his first MTV exposure, „Night of the Hip ‚N Dead“. He continued to tour worldwide throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand, cultivating a theatrical live show that managed to amalgamate rapping, singing, dancing, piano playing and even stand up comedy. Louis became the first, and currently only, Rapper in the world to fluently play piano while rhyming as part of his repertoire. After more than 10 years of experimentation and adoration as a renegade Indie Rap anti-hero, Louis found a home where his experimentation would not only be accepted, but further encouraged in his new label Fake Four Inc. Catch the „One Man Variety Show“ for yourself to see his fascinating story unfold and reach full realization before your eyes.

louis logic – The Great Divide