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»Cars & Trains« (Portland/US)

Tom’s work as cars & trains evokes early Morr Music releases by bands like Tarwater, intersecting with folk-oriented electronic groups like Tunng. Found sound and distorted tape samples create urban lullaby landscapes. Undaunted, meloncholic drums and timid textures are reminicent of cloudDEAD or Tujiko Noriko, sitting atop an eclectic songwriting sensibility that brings The Microphones to mind.

Tom translates his recordings to the stage with a unique solo set, energetically looping found-sounds and live electronic drumming with layers of vocal harmonies, viola, glockenspiel, trumpet, synthesizer, and melodica.

»Big Spider’s Back« (New York/US)

Beginning as a bedroom recording project in the summer of 2007, electronic artist Big Spider’s Back has amassed a growing following in the Northwest’s DIY community and beyond. Combining haunting vocals with swirling layers of lo-fi psychedelia, synthesizers and field recordings, his music alternates between soaring crescendos and dense thickets of electronic ambience. The result is one big, blissed out cacophony. Just when you thought Chillwave was dead, Big Spider’s Back gives you catchy, whirling drones and beats with occasional wailing vocals over them.

»Dust Covered Carpet« (Vienna/AU)

Dust Covered Carpet is an action-folk/chamber-pop band founded by Volker Buchgraber in 2007. The Berlin/Vienna based recordlabel „Beatismurder Records“ took great interest in the band after its debut release and has been a partner ever since. The bands cast of guitars, drums, accordion, cello, violin, clarinet, transverse flute, e-bass, choirs and small ambient generating instruments ensures an unmistakably unique sound.

After some time of touring and working on and pre-recording new material, the band is going to record their 3rd album in august 2011 which shall be released somewhere around April 2012 (it´s gonna be epic!).

19. september
IvI, Kettenhofweg 130, Frankfurt
21 Uhr
Cars & Trains
Big Spider’s Back
Dust Covered Carpet