Samstag 22. Juni // TERROR BIRD / UNHAPPYBIRTHDAY // Klapperfeld(str.5)

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Samstag 22. Juni // TERROR BIRD / UNHAPPYBIRTHDAY // Klapperfeld(str.5)


(dark wave synth pop | Canada)

Terror Bird is a bedroom, shadow pop band influenced
by 80s pop, David Bowie glamour, and bad weather.
Nikki Nevver writes and sings the songs and is the
only member who has been in the band since its birth.
Nikki will be touring Europe in the summer of 2013.

Terrorbird ist das Schlafzimmer-Projekt von Nikki Nevver. Ihre Musik ist schwer beeinflusst von 80er Jahre Pop, dem Glamour von David Bowie und schlechtem Wetter – call it »Shadow Pop«.


(cold wave pop | Wismar)

„Introduce yourselves to the new German new-wave
trio out of Wismar, unhappybirthday. The secret weapon
here is to take the most infectious elements of effective
pop song constructions and channel them through a
self-treated glooms-day machine that spits out any digitizations
as analogue fodder. What these three men
provide is the new standard of tragic opera that presents
Goethe-ian characters being denied by the objects of
desire like ‚Molly‘, the trials of ‚Pyramiden‘, the brilliant
pop intrusion of ‚Invasion‘ and the electronic hum of
‚Anorak‘.“ (Impose Magazine)

unhappybirthday. Achtziger Jahre und kein Ende. Deutschsprachiger New-Wave/Synth Wave aka NDW (nach Eigenaussage »Raincoat Pop«) im Sinne von Grauzone und Fehlfarben, The Cure und Pink Turns Blue.

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Im Klapperfeld / faites votre jeu! – 22. Juni – Eintritt 21:00