Freitag 03. Oktober 2014

SIDA (no wave / Frankreich)

SHEARING PINX (no wave / Vancouver)

ANCIENT MITH (hip hop / Denver)

BLINDSPOT (hip hop / Augsburg)


ANCIENT MITH (Denver, Colorado – USA)

A cow town city boy living out his dreams.
Unlike the most overplayed hip hop cliché, Denver, Colorado’s, Ancient Mith travels the world with no entourage, no private jets, simply his music and a high energy live set.

Ancient’s tour history reads like an excerpt of a Kerouac novel, dropping everything people consider the normal “day to day” life to share his art with the
world. From France and Germany to the isolated towns on the prairies of Canada, fans have welcomed him with open arms.

Ancient Mith released 7 albums and played hundreds of shows in Europe, Africa, America, and Canada. He is famous for the incontrollable aspect of his performances.


BLINDSPOT (Augsburg, DE)

Abstract Hiphop or advanced leftfieldish Powerrap. Whatever you want to write those two boys on their banner it doesn’t fit in their bunch of flowers as they fit
into your drawer. Beyond rotten clichés and aloof of Deutschrap, far from what you think it hast to be.
The album „Mars Athletics“ will appear on September 28th 2013 and mark the official birth of Anette Records with catalogue number #001. Löv.

Blindspot played shows with artists like Sole, Qwazaar&Batsauce, Gavlyn, IconAClass, Ancient Mith or Robust and impressed audiences on stages like
Fusion Festival or Modular Festival. Their live shows are defined by energetic concerts with surprises far from the cliche-standards.
After 3 EPs and 2 LPs, producer Dot and lyricist Mr.Feat now released their 3rd LP on Berlin based record Label Anette Records.

SHEARING PINX (Vancouver, British Columbia – Canada)

Shearing Pinx from Vancouver, Canada are a 3-piece no-wave punk band that’s been actively touring and releasing stuff for the past 9 years.

They will be touring their 7th LP. It’s being released on Psychic Handshake Recordings.

They started in Febuary 2005 as a three piece no-wave/punk band of double guitar + drums blending fierce elements of sonic improvisation into structured pieces. Sometimes not performing any written material and relying on improv to guide them.

Between 2009 and 2011 the band went through a couple line-up changes ultimately landing with the classic guitar/bass/drums trio that they are today.

They‘ve recorded their latest LP and will have it on tour!
Shearing Pinx have toured all of Canada and the United Stated many times as well as the United Kingdom in 2010 but this will be their first venture to mainland Europe!

Some notable acts Shearing Pinx have shared the stage with: Melt-Banana, Lightning Bolt, AIDS Wolf, XBXRX, Deerhoof, Sightings, Yellow Swans, U.S. Girls, Magik Markers, Sic Alps to name a few. They have had releases on the labels such as Gilgongo, Not Not Fun, Divorce, Arbor, Night People, Turgid Animal, Ugly Pop and more….

They have their own label Isolated Now Waves.

SIDA (France)

Trois jeunes gens disséminés entre Lésion Blanche, Théorème et La Triple Alliance de L‘Est. Sida, c‘est un peu le renouveau d‘un certain rock en France… mais de fait, un rock qui ne passera jamais sur les ondes nationales. Hors du temps.

„La presse dit : „un croisement entre no wave et noise rehaussé d‘un synthé cheap“, „un bordel punk aussi dynamique que jouissif“, „guitare incertaine, batterie enfumée, chant hystérique“. Ok.“