16. November 2014 Konzert DEUX BOULES VANILLE & ULTRA ZOOK

Sonntag, 16.11.2014

DEUX BOULES VANILLE (Saint-Etienne/FR) drum duet triggering analogic synthetizers.
ULTRA ZOOK (Clermont-Ferrand/FR) tropical apocalyptique


ULTRA ZOOK (Clermont-Ferrand/FR) is a three-musicians band which plays music from islands, maybe closer of Fukushima than Caraibes. This is weird but this is true, the man who hated the most Ultra Zook’s music on their second mini-album EPUZZ was one of those who described it in the best way:

“[…] They achieve the feat to enter into the composition of this five titles absolutely everything I have in abomination. Fun, humor, overt madness, keyboards which make move alternately the left shoulder then the right shoulder, beats which make bearded hippies tighten their asses, free rock, uninhibited prog rock, funny songs (Le Singe Blanc who would have forgottens to take all his pills ?), modern jazz for amateurs of journey in the tropics and happy noise of a generation that finds everything absolutely great […]”

videoclip: « YAPATI YUPATA » http://youtu.be/LGLpPgAb7b0
videoclip: « MOZAMBIOUC » http://youtu.be/q-0vfWBRb9k
live: « PISOTE » http://youtu.be/pdg0Gdv3×1k


DEUX BOULES VANILLE (Saint-Etienne/FR) is Loup Gangloff and Frederic Mancini, drum duet triggering analogic synthetizers. After having built, then painted their instruments with their four hands, IIBV get busy dissolving the influences and the personnal goals of the two members into a giant mayonnaise sauce including Grindcore constructions, Techno, dub, improvisation, and creates a music that can be referred to Tony Conrad as much as the last Rihanna radio hit, from the local Crust band to Silver Apples. Simply, effectively, and without pretending any special technical abilities, IIBV write their pieces mathematically, considering accidents and chaos with the same attention as the construction of a radio hit.This results in an idiotic music, lonely, danceable, that fits as much in the pit, in a disco or at the supermarket.

live: « HASHISH » http://youtu.be/cvrzoiH5yug
live: « CALABRIUM » http://youtu.be/ZFAwOLYj4vw