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// hexenschuss
progressive kindergarten pop // IL/NL
Based somewhere between Amsterdam and Tel-Aviv, keyboard player Gil Luz (Malka Spiegel, Mambas) and drummer Assi Weitz (JAP, Gone Bald) combine a mixture of live electronics, psychedelic and post punk elements. Their music can be best described as moronic bass lines accompanied by progressive beats, seasoned with synths and effects

// blæck fox
black metal crust hardcore noise rock // MZ/WI

28.07. – ME DONNER – JOEY MOLINARO – JOHANNES LAUXEN Tue, 21 Jul 2015 00:19:24 +0000 showoff Allgemein ME DONNER – JOEY MOLINARO – JOHANNES LAUXEN

Di, 28.07.2015

electronic experimental industrial / / amiens
solo grind violinist / / / pittsburgh
experimental ambient pop / / mainz

Facebook Veranstaltung

16. November 2014 Konzert DEUX BOULES VANILLE & ULTRA ZOOK Sat, 01 Nov 2014 01:08:29 +0000 showoff Allgemein Sonntag, 16.11.2014

DEUX BOULES VANILLE (Saint-Etienne/FR) drum duet triggering analogic synthetizers.
ULTRA ZOOK (Clermont-Ferrand/FR) tropical apocalyptique


ULTRA ZOOK (Clermont-Ferrand/FR) is a three-musicians band which plays music from islands, maybe closer of Fukushima than Caraibes. This is weird but this is true, the man who hated the most Ultra Zook’s music on their second mini-album EPUZZ was one of those who described it in the best way:

“[…] They achieve the feat to enter into the composition of this five titles absolutely everything I have in abomination. Fun, humor, overt madness, keyboards which make move alternately the left shoulder then the right shoulder, beats which make bearded hippies tighten their asses, free rock, uninhibited prog rock, funny songs (Le Singe Blanc who would have forgottens to take all his pills ?), modern jazz for amateurs of journey in the tropics and happy noise of a generation that finds everything absolutely great […]”
videoclip: « YAPATI YUPATA »
videoclip: « MOZAMBIOUC »
live: « PISOTE »×1k


DEUX BOULES VANILLE (Saint-Etienne/FR) is Loup Gangloff and Frederic Mancini, drum duet triggering analogic synthetizers. After having built, then painted their instruments with their four hands, IIBV get busy dissolving the influences and the personnal goals of the two members into a giant mayonnaise sauce including Grindcore constructions, Techno, dub, improvisation, and creates a music that can be referred to Tony Conrad as much as the last Rihanna radio hit, from the local Crust band to Silver Apples. Simply, effectively, and without pretending any special technical abilities, IIBV write their pieces mathematically, considering accidents and chaos with the same attention as the construction of a radio hit.This results in an idiotic music, lonely, danceable, that fits as much in the pit, in a disco or at the supermarket.
live: « HASHISH »
live: « CALABRIUM »


29. Oktober: LE RENARD und COLOMBEY Sat, 18 Oct 2014 20:39:10 +0000 showoff Allgemein

COLOMBEY (chansons froides | St Dizier)
LE RENARD (surprise | Straßburg)

Mittwoch, 29. Oktober

synthé, mélancolie, St Dizier

Brandneues Duo aus Straßburg. Mit Armelle, die im Juni schon einmal mit Badaboum in Frankfurt war.

03.10. SIDA, SHEARING PINX, ANCIENT MITH, BLINDSPOT Fri, 03 Oct 2014 01:21:13 +0000 showoff Allgemein Freitag 03. Oktober 2014

SIDA (no wave / Frankreich)

SHEARING PINX (no wave / Vancouver)

ANCIENT MITH (hip hop / Denver)

BLINDSPOT (hip hop / Augsburg)


ANCIENT MITH (Denver, Colorado – USA)

A cow town city boy living out his dreams.
Unlike the most overplayed hip hop cliché, Denver, Colorado’s, Ancient Mith travels the world with no entourage, no private jets, simply his music and a high energy live set.

Ancient’s tour history reads like an excerpt of a Kerouac novel, dropping everything people consider the normal “day to day” life to share his art with the
world. From France and Germany to the isolated towns on the prairies of Canada, fans have welcomed him with open arms.

Ancient Mith released 7 albums and played hundreds of shows in Europe, Africa, America, and Canada. He is famous for the incontrollable aspect of his performances.

BLINDSPOT (Augsburg, DE)

Abstract Hiphop or advanced leftfieldish Powerrap. Whatever you want to write those two boys on their banner it doesn’t fit in their bunch of flowers as they fit
into your drawer. Beyond rotten clichés and aloof of Deutschrap, far from what you think it hast to be.
The album „Mars Athletics“ will appear on September 28th 2013 and mark the official birth of Anette Records with catalogue number #001. Löv.

Blindspot played shows with artists like Sole, Qwazaar&Batsauce, Gavlyn, IconAClass, Ancient Mith or Robust and impressed audiences on stages like
Fusion Festival or Modular Festival. Their live shows are defined by energetic concerts with surprises far from the cliche-standards.
After 3 EPs and 2 LPs, producer Dot and lyricist Mr.Feat now released their 3rd LP on Berlin based record Label Anette Records.

SHEARING PINX (Vancouver, British Columbia – Canada)

Shearing Pinx from Vancouver, Canada are a 3-piece no-wave punk band that’s been actively touring and releasing stuff for the past 9 years.

They will be touring their 7th LP. It’s being released on Psychic Handshake Recordings.

They started in Febuary 2005 as a three piece no-wave/punk band of double guitar + drums blending fierce elements of sonic improvisation into structured pieces. Sometimes not performing any written material and relying on improv to guide them.

Between 2009 and 2011 the band went through a couple line-up changes ultimately landing with the classic guitar/bass/drums trio that they are today.

They‘ve recorded their latest LP and will have it on tour!
Shearing Pinx have toured all of Canada and the United Stated many times as well as the United Kingdom in 2010 but this will be their first venture to mainland Europe!

Some notable acts Shearing Pinx have shared the stage with: Melt-Banana, Lightning Bolt, AIDS Wolf, XBXRX, Deerhoof, Sightings, Yellow Swans, U.S. Girls, Magik Markers, Sic Alps to name a few. They have had releases on the labels such as Gilgongo, Not Not Fun, Divorce, Arbor, Night People, Turgid Animal, Ugly Pop and more….

They have their own label Isolated Now Waves.

SIDA (France)

Trois jeunes gens disséminés entre Lésion Blanche, Théorème et La Triple Alliance de L‘Est. Sida, c‘est un peu le renouveau d‘un certain rock en France… mais de fait, un rock qui ne passera jamais sur les ondes nationales. Hors du temps.

„La presse dit : „un croisement entre no wave et noise rehaussé d‘un synthé cheap“, „un bordel punk aussi dynamique que jouissif“, „guitare incertaine, batterie enfumée, chant hystérique“. Ok.“

Konzerte September – Oktober 2014 Thu, 18 Sep 2014 15:53:29 +0000 showoff Bald Sam 20 Sep | CARS & TRAINS, BIG PAUPER | Café
Die 23 Sep | HURE (noise, Berlin), FUCHSTEUFELSWILD (drums, trombone, vocals, Berlin) |
Die 30 Sep | HEXENSCHUSS | Café
Die 21 Okt | THE FLAMENCO THIEF | Café

23. September 2014: HURE (noise, Berlin) & FUCHSTEUFELSWILD (drums, trombone, vocals, Berlin) Thu, 18 Sep 2014 15:39:45 +0000 showoff Allgemein HURE (noise, Berlin)
FUCHSTEUFELSWILD (drums, trombone, vocals, Berlin)
Di 23. Sep 2014; 21.30h

From the dark basements of Berlin comes HURE. A horrific beast that wants to slice your ears off with a bludgeoning, relentless, noise attack. The monster is made from two guys wrapped in duct tape using a guitar, a bass and a drum-machine. Each song is about destruction. Somehow, amidst the apparent chaos, well thought out structure exists. HURE is music that makes you feel like smashing your head against the wall.

FUCHSTEUFELSWILD (drums, trombone, vocals, Berlin)

Donuts & Diamonds // Konzertkollaboration mit HEXENSCHUSS (NL & IL) Wed, 17 Sep 2014 16:36:41 +0000 showoff Allgemein Bald DONUTS & DIAMONDS Tanz- und Trinkabend
mit HEXENSCHUSS aus Israel und den Niederlanden

Di 30.09.2014 in FFM um 22:00 Uhr

Progressive Kindergarten Pop
This amazing keyboard-drums duo combines live electronics, psychedelic and post punk elements and can be best described as
moronic bass-lines accompanied by progressive beats, seasoned with synths and effects.

]]> Tue, 13 May 2014 08:59:44 +0000 showoff Allgemein Bald

»Literatur am Mittwoch«
Marcus Staiger liest: «Die Hoffnung ist ein Hundesohn«
21.05. 20 Uhr Café KOZ, Mertonstr. 26-28, Frankfurt

Zum Inhalt:
Berlin 2012 – das Wochenende der Bundestagswahl: Der achten Wiederwahl von Bundeskanzler Helmut Kohl scheint nichts im Wege zu stehen… doch die Dinge geraten in Bewegung.
Die Montagsdemonstrationen von 1989 liegen lange zurück. Helmut Kohl wurde damals zum Volkshelden, als er Panzer an der innerdeutschen Grenze in Stellung brachte und so auf die Erschießung der Demonstranten seitens der DDR-­‐Führungsspitze reagierte. Es folgte eine moderne Mediendiktatur, die Kohls Machtstellung ausbaute. Auf beiden Seiten der Mauer sind Freiheits- und Bürgerrechte nichts mehr wert. Die DDR versinkt in Korruption und Inkompetenz, während der Westen oppositionslos und rigoros von Kohls Deutscher Union geführt wird.
Die restriktive Ausländerpolitik hat Ghetto-­‐Safaris
für Touristen zur Folge, die hinter Gittern geschützt, die Gastarbeiter bestaunen. Die Menschen haben sich mit den Verhältnisse arrangiert.
Doch dann erschießt der rechtsradikale Postangestellte Klaus Jedele ein Mitglied eines arabischen Mafiaclans, der junge Journalist Stefan trennt sich von seiner Freundin und Innenminister Ronald Kotsch sieht sich einer Situation gegenüber, die außer Kontrolle gerät…
Fünf Protagonisten im Strudel eines Wochenendes aus Gewalt, Sex, Drogen und Politik: grimmig, bissig, wirklich!

Zur Person
Marcus Staiger zog es bereits 1992 von Kornwestheim nach Berlin. Diverse Gelegenheitsjobs – von Gerüstbauer bis Koch – und ein abgebrochenes Studium der Philosophie und Volkswirtschaft später, gründete er das Hip-Hop- Label Royalbunker. Er wurde zum Wegbereiter des Berliner Rap und beeinflusste die deutsche Rapszene nachhaltig.
Schon während seiner Studienjahre war Marcus Staiger journalistisch tätig und schrieb für die Hip-Hop-Magazine Mik’s News und MK Zwo. Seit 2011 ist der freie Autor und Journalist für die Publikationen ZEIT ONLINE, Spex, Juice, vice, FAZ und sowie Berliner Zeitung tätig. Er lebt mit seiner Lebensgefährtin und drei Kindern in Kreuzberg.

Matinée Konzert w/ Don Vito, Cotton Ponies, Le Spritz, Jealousy Mountain Duo, Kouma Tue, 12 Nov 2013 14:25:33 +0000 showoff Allgemein Bald



Die erste Matinée von und gleichzeitig das letzte Konzert für lange Zeit. Es wird früh losgehen und zum Tatort könnt ihr fast wieder zu Hause sein. Lindenstraße kann man ja dann online schauen. Und wenn drei von fünf Bands aus (Ost-)Deutschland sind, sollte man definitiv englische Ankündigungstexte haben.

»COTTON PONIES« (Leipzig/Erfurt)

Complicated popmusic, nothing for strong nerves, rather more than less and definitely inappropriate for the youth of today…

The three still young Cotton Ponies from Eastern Germany leave the paths of their childhood heroes – Shellac, Hasselhoff, Sonic Youth – off to new shores. They are, besides Garage-darlings Zentralheizung of Death des Todes, the only survivors of the “I Love Marbach”-collective, origin (amongst others) of the fantastic agency “Eine Welt Aus Hack” (Busdriver, Felix Kubin, Iceage, Thee Oh Sees, Die! Die! Die!, Ty Segall) and Experimental-Festival “Teenitus”. After the last DIY release “Sometimes I feel like gold, but the most I feel like silver”, “Zwist” is their first real state of affairs.

Coming from the grunge- and noise-world, Cotton Ponies’ music is now more than ever an experimental netting of fragile but complex soundsculptures, intense mind-tourette and nebulous songwriting. On stage the three ponies rotate on their instruments and yell rather Dadaistic passwords at each other, with the exception of “Krypt” – the last song on “Zwist” – which actually features emotionally urgent vocal-lines.

»DON VITO« (Leipzig)

Don Vito – advanced noise creators and one of the neatest outfits there are. Hardly anyone in that genre has accomplished a tighter match of two antagonisms – chaos and structure. Don Vito is a monstrous maelstrom from Eastern Germany, pushing the concept of Noise to a new level of forcefulness, at times very danceable.

There is no other band that can make such loud noise with such crea­ti­vi­ty and step away from using rock in­stru­ments ‘tra­di­tio­nal­ly’. The sud­den chan­ges of rhythm, play­ful drum rolls and pas­sio­na­te shrieks leave you thril­led and out of bre­ath. They’re a tea­ser to the ears, of­fe­ring com­ple­xi­ty, speed and me­tal-ba­sed rol­ler­co­as­ters in 50-se­cond­song bril­li­an­ce.

»Jealousy Mountain Duo« (Dresden)

Jealousy Mountain Duo — Two-man German band Jealousy Mountain Duo’s self-titled longplayer was released by experimental German label Blunoise, a perfect portmanteau of Jealousy Mountain Duo’s disparate ’60s jazz and noisy, math-rock influences. Jealousy Mountain Duo takes a deconstructivist approach to its experimental blend of post-modern jazz and mathy indie rock, its guitars looping looping and conflicting melodies, its drums working in and out of rhythms, eschewing any semblance of straightforward timekeeping for an abstract counterbalance to the swirl of notes and tones. The result is tightly controlled chaos, a sonic maelstrom where form doesn’t necessarily follow function. This, truly, is radical stuff. In both senses of the word.

»Les Spritz« (Italy)

Les Spritz are coming from Sicily, south-south-Italy, living out their Arab on Radar / Melt Banana dream. They play loud and discordant music since 2006. Also they released a Split with Le Signe Blanc (who played at Café Koz this May) and are good friends with Don Vito. Which should say enough about them and their music: some sort of energetic noise-math rock, the way we like it.

»Kouma« (France)

Kouma is a power-trio with baritone saxophone, baritone guitar and drums
Kouma is a wild sound with low-pitched instruments and big riffs
Kouma is kind of an awesome hardcore band, with barbarian rhythms, adrenaline rushes, slanting ascents.

Kouma is also the illicit crossing between a pony and a bear.

Kouma was recently tamed by Romain Dugelay – founding member of Grolektif Collective, composer and activist saxophonist in numerous bands (Bigre ! SFONX, RYR, Diagonal…), exclusively playing baritone sax here. Kouma is also ridden by the no less talented Damien Cluzel (baritone guitar – uKanDanZ, Thôt Twin…) and Léo Dumont (drums – Factotum, Tût, Albert von Flash…)

Mixing mathrock, noise and little reminiscent of protean jazz, these 3 chimera trainers are developing some raw and noisy free-rock sounds, using poly-rhythmical concepts to reach a certain trance state.